April 22, 2024


– Leftovers: I made gnocchi and shawarma for dinners this weekend so curried cauliflower to round out the international vibe of the meal made perfect sense.


– 99% Invisible’s “Power Broker” series. Book club meets up on next Tuesday and this episode is almost 3 hours (!) so I’m chipping away at it. 

– I feel like I should just have Tortured Poets Department on here for the foreseeable future since the kids will be demanding it in the car. 


– Saw that Robert Caro wrote a book called “Working” about his life, and craft and I love those sorts of books so I’m chewing through it right now. 

Other Stuff

– Changed up the blog. I liked Obsidian but this is quite a bit cheaper and lets me flex some WordPress chops as well. Still using Obsidian for some next notes and connection but may move things back into Ulysses…







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